"For years now I have had the good fortune to photograph many remarkable people within their natural environments." Ken Kauffman

Ken Kauffman's ability to decisively direct or to observe and capture the serendipitous moments in people's real life situations has been his specialty for years. His photographs have appeared in leading business publications such as Forbes, INC and CEO. Ken specializes in corporate/industrial, education, healthcare, and portrait photography. He has worked with art directors and public relations specialists at IBM, Hewlett Packard, Rohm and Haas, Bechtel, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Abington Hospital, Pepper Hamilton Law, The Grammies, Aqua America Inc. to name a few. Ken's innovative location photography has been featured in annual reports, marketing brochures, promotional materials, and in-house publications. Most recently he has been producing "Visual Narratives" which tell engaging stories with interviews, music and still images. On the regional level, his work on behalf of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the United Way, Resources for Human Development, and the not-for-profit trade has drawn the attention of area business, community, and political leaders.